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  • Zofia Di Stefano

Changing the way I think about myself

Challenging the way we think about ourselves brings about positive change in our relationship with ourselves.

I used to see myself very negatively. I would criticise myself, compare myself to others and judge myself as not being good enough. I doubted that there was any good in me at all.

I was always looking at others and what they expected of me and I tried to please them.

I felt good about myself only if they approved of me or if I was making them happy.

All of this was such hard work. To get any kind of recognition I had to push myself and this meant that I ignored my own needs.

Over the years my self-image changed.

I am now able to see the positive in me. I see myself as someone who is growing. I see myself as someone who can stand alone. I feel a deep inner security.

I see myself as having great potential. I feel myself growing more and more into this potential.

What caused this change?

Firstly I recognised that I needed to change. I felt I could not continue as I was. I was too unhappy.

Then I realised I had to do something to change. I also realised that I could not do it alone. I needed help. I began to read books. I then looked for persons/groups that could help me.

I did workshops. I became involved in different therapies. I wrote about my experiences in a journal.

I noticed that I was learning a lot about myself. I met people who were interested in me and who reflected what was good in me. I slowly began to believe that what they were saying was true. I began to believe in my goodness. I also began to make good decisions for myself – decisions that freed me from abusive relationships; decisions that put me in environments where I was appreciated nurtured and where I could be myself.

I started to follow my deep dreams for myself. I sensed the possibility of happiness.

All this caused my self-image to change.

Today I feel that my self-image keeps on changing as I grow and discover more about myself.

Zofia has been a PRH Educator in Australia for 17 years.

She co-ordinates PRH Australia and is part of the advisory committee for PRH International. She loves the challenge of running her PRH Practice. She delights in seeing people grow.

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In this two day workshop you will:

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