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Mission and Values

Our Mission

To support and the personal growth of people worldwide so that they may enrich the world through their specific contributions and gifts.

We offer training for individuals, couples, professional groups and others: 

− Inspired by a positive and dynamic vision of the person, of their growth and of their relationships;
− Based on over 40 years of observations regarding all the dimensions of the human being;
− Personalised by the reading of their lived experience starting from the analysis of their felt sensations.

Our Vision

We believe that:
−There is, within the human being, a universal dimension that goes beyond all cultures or beliefs;
−Every person has within them a growth dynamism that encourages them to actualise themselves and their potential;
−Pausing and questioning oneself in order to understand oneself accelerates the natural process of personality development;
−Everyone has a place to take and a role to play in society, based on their unique potential;
−Discovering one’s personal mission and living it brings happiness;
−Finding meaning in one’s life, in spite of hardships, is possible;
−Understanding one another and respecting differences lead to a genuine connection with others and to a better way of living together;
−Living true freedom and equality between human beings is within reach;
−Committing with others in constructive activities intensifies a persons’ development, their effectiveness, and innovation for society.


Our Values

These are the values that the educators and collaborators choose to live and transmit through all their PRH activities. These values guide our actions, our decisions and our behaviours in the exercise of their mission with the clients.

Respect for the person

The respect for a person, for their freedom, autonomy, dignity, and uniqueness is a priority for us.


Our effectiveness is manifested through: 

  • well-adjusted responses to clients’ needs; 

  • short and long-term impacts on the person; 

  • freeing of a person’s inner resources and new perspectives for their life.


We live solidarity with our clients by using a scale of fees to make our educational activities accessible, and through openness to each person without distinction of social status. 

We mobilise our networks to contribute to the training of individuals with limited financial means because of their economic context. 

Solidarity between educators is expressed through the offering of international educational activities, through the pooling of our expertise and through financial participation adjusted to each country’s GNP.

Shared passion and professional service 

Personal growth which leads to social transformation is our shared passion and motivates us. Our educators and collaborators are committed to our ongoing research.

Our professional services are marked by our ethics, team work, equity and the ongoing training of educators and collaborators.


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