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These books are published by Personnalité et Relations Humaines and are designed to compliment your work and assist you on your growth journey. For more information please contact us.

The Art of Making Informed Decisions: Key Points to Succeed

Since 1970, PRH (Personality and Human Relationships) has developed a method to make constructive decisions, while taking other people into account. This method requires reflection time, as you pass through several stages moving forward efficiently, not being led by your first impulses. This method has been used effectively and contributed to improving the lives of thousands of people throughout the world. 

This book offers a process to help you discover the method, step by step, through testimonies and simple exercises. As a result, you will experience greater happiness and freedom in your life.



$35 plus $10 postage and handling

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Standing Up: The Art of Existing

This book presents an appropriate and respectful type of assertiveness that is energetic and direct. Such assertiveness encourages and supports productive communication and interaction, which in turn promotes quality relationships. We can learn specific ways of being and of communicating in order to adopt this healthy assertiveness practice. Over time, we can come to do this spontaneously and witness the benefits.


Standing up… the art of “existing” offers a path toward appropriate assertiveness through examples from daily life and simple exercises. It stimulates the best in us, supports self-awareness, and opens us up to other people's experience and takes it into account. This helps us to become individuals who “stand up” and take the building of relationships seriously.



$30 plus $10 postage and handling

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Personal Growth Workbook

The Personal Growth Workbook is a guidebook for personal written reflection that will be your companion as you work at your growth and development. It is broken into themes for exploring personal knowledge and growth, each with prompts, questions to consider, examples of written work and exercises. Begin your work with the theme of your choice, according to what interests you at the time.


You can use it as a growth guide at any time of your life, since there are always new paths to be discovered. It is practical and easy to use and is suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of experience in written reflection.


This workbook invites you to take steps in a positive direction: the direction of self-development and of progress in your relationships and commitments.



$25 plus $10 postage and handling

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Journal for Personal Growth

The Journal for personal growth is an excellent tool if you regularly use written analysis. As you write, it invites you to discover and know yourself in an ongoing and autonomous way.


The journal offers you the necessary space and suggestions for analysing your positive sensations. The journal allows you to take time out from the busyness of life and go within to reconnect with the rejuvenating energy of your being.


This journal invites you to commit to the ongoing adventure of personal analysis which will open you to a more fulfilling life.



$25 plus $10 postage and handling

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Writing, It Really Helps!


If you would like to discover the PRH method of self-analysis by trying it yourself:

Writing it really helps! presents the method of self-analysis by giving you the opportunity to experience it yourself: initiation and practical analysis in a deliberately accessible and pragmatic style.

$30 plus $10 postage and handling

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A Map for Life in Depth


Understanding personal experience through PRH analysis

If you feel the need to know and understand the PRH method of self-analysis and its goals:

A map for life in depth focuses on understanding the method, by means of an in-depth description of, and reflection on its bases, concepts and use. As such, it is a reference work on the subject, accessible for everybody.

$35 plus $10 postage and handling


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Persons and Their Growth


The Anthropological and Psychological Foundations of PRH Education

Published by Personnalité et Relations Humaines — International, 30 rue du jardin des Plantes 86000 Poitiers (France) 1997, 292 pp.


This book presents, a synthesis, specific to PRH, of the vision of Humanity and its psychological functioning.It provides reference points for situating and understanding oneself and how to progress in the area of personal growth and development. It awakens hope based on what is most profound and most human in Humanity.It is addressed to all individuals, professionals or otherwise, who are interested in human beings and seek to know them in order to help them live better.


$35 plus $10 postage and handling

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When Life Breaks Through


Analysis of Growth Journeys

Published by Personnalité et Relations Humaines — International, 30 rue du jardin des Plantes 86000 Poitiers (France) 2004.


This book, written by PRH Educators, all of whom have a minimum of 25 years of experience using the PRH method of helping relationship (counselling), enables readers to grasp the extent to which profound change is possible in human beings.The sharing of growth journeys of specific persons and of observations made over the years illustrates the effectiveness of the PRH approach in the areas of personal growth, healing, restoration of order and actualization of one’s potentialities.


$45 plus $10 postage and handling

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