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 If you want to work through a specific problem, difficulties in a relationship, a decision that is

worrying you, or if you are feeling stuck, upset or overwhelmed, spending time in a one-to-one situation can be very beneficial.


Our facilitators are experienced in supporting our clients in the PRH Helping Relationship and are available for private sessions.


These interviews can help you to see more clearly, to change your way of looking at your

problems, to discover better ways to live, to grow and to discover more of your strengths and

potential and to become more positive about yourself and your life.


Each consultation is an hour in length.

Cost: $95/$70 concession  

Appointments can be face to face, via the phone or online via Zoom


To contact Zofia,  please email

To contact Maud, please email

To contact Rebecca, please email

For more information on our facilitators, please click here.

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