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What is PRH?

Personality and Human Relationships (PRH) is an international school of education in personal development for adults and young adults.


We offer educational programs designed for people who wish to increase their self awareness and achieve a greater degree of self-fulfillment.


PRH holds the belief that all people aspire to live their potential and to contribute in their own unique way to society.  André Rochais, Founder of PRH, wrote:


“Our humanity is made of various types of personalities, each having value.  Everyone can, in his or her small world, be a contributing factor to innovation, progress and movement toward more humanness.”


PRH is established in over 40 countries worldwide, and is committed to researching the growth of the human person. Over 40 years of applied research, observation and documentation has enabled us to develop an explanatory system of the growth process. This process is universal, in that it occurs for all people, regardless of race, culture, religion, educational or economic background. In PRH workshops and one-to-one counselling, each client's understanding of their growth comes about through their own self-discovery process rather than a teaching process.


We believe that everyone has the qualtites to commit to their own inner growth with sincerity and gentleness, constancy and resolve. In the PRH approach these particular qualities are known as the fundamental attitudes. These are:


Be interested in who you truly are

If you are not interested in who you are, you will not grow. If you are genuinely interested in discovering who you are, it becomes a fascinating personal adventure where your growth begins.


Be open to what goes on inside you

If you pay attention to what goes on inside you and become familiar with it, your inner life, with its areas of light and shadow, gradually becomes more accessible.


Search for truth, and nothing but the truth    

Try to look at yourself honestly, not as you would like to appear, nor as you would like to be, but just as you are. Here lies the natural beauty of each human being.


Accept reality as it is

When you can accept that you make mistakes, that you sometimes conceal what you do, that what you say or do may simply not be "nice", and when you are able to see and accept what is positive in you, you have already travelled a good stretch of the way.


Risk being true with others

Practice being your true self. Take the risk of revealing yourself as you are, without overrating or undervaluing yourself. Recognise when you have made a mistake or have done something wrong. Recognise when you have acted out the best part of yourself.


Be determined to grow

The aspiration to grow is part of human nature. It is here that you can draw on your inner fire in order to go forward. It is from this fire that you will set light to your determination. And when you are determined, you have the fuel you need for this journey of self-development and growth toward existing in a balanced way and being self-assertive, taking both you and others into account.


- Taken from the publication Standing Up: The Art of Existing, published by PRH International. For more information on this and other publications, please click here.




I have just completed the 5 day course "Understanding Myself In Depth".


I got so much out of this cornerstone course. I now understand the analysis process better, and I can use it in everything i do.


Thanks Zofia and thanks André Rochais for the wonderful step by step guide to a better understanding of my inner world.


Annemarie Sleeth, Melbourne



Andre Rochais

Andre Rochais, Founder of PRH


Andre was born in France in 1921. He trained as a teacher and studied philosophy and theology. He was always attracted to adult education and wanted to help people to become more themselves. In 1966, his encounter with the work of Carl Rogers confirmed him in his intuitions concerning the existence of a deep and positive zone, core of the personality, more than just the disturbances in which contemporary psychology was mostly interested. This confirmation recalled his own research on the human being, its psychological structure and the roots of its dysfunctions.


Gradually, he developed a methodology, related to both pedagogy and psychology, which later became the psychopedagogy of PRH. Its goal is threefold: the growth of people, harmonising their behaviours and improving their relationships. He wanted to equip people with the tools to discover the deep zone of their personality to support its deployment, and also help them understand the source of their power to remedy malfunctions. Thus he created his first training sessions focused on self-knowledge, making his discoveries accessible to anyone.


In 1970, he created a training and research organisation, PRH (Personnalité et Relations Humaines or Personality and Human Relations). Today, PRH Education is widely distributed. It is currently available in about 40 countries across five continents and benefits thousands of people the world over. 


For more information, the PRH International website can be viewed here.



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