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Workshops and Programs 

We offer a diverse range of workshops and programs that cover all sorts of topics. Workshops can range from one-day events to 5-day intensives and everything in between.


Below is a comprehensive list of the workshops and programs that we offer in Australia. Clicking on the underlined titles will take you to the introductory paper for that workshop. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

For those starting out...
Jumping Under Arch
For those continuing...
Girl Hiking in Mountains
For those who wish to continue further...


  • Listening to Life Stirring in My Being

  • What is the Meaning of My Life?

  • Understanding Myself In depth

  • Becoming Fully Authentic

  • Opening Myself to Realities Greater Than Me

  • Committing Myself to Inner Healing

  • Towards Greater Freedom in my Relationships

  • Mutual Help as a Couple


  • Becoming Effective in Helping Others

  • Training in the PRH Helping Relationship FRA (2yrs)

  • Going Deeper in Setting Yearly Objectives – FPA Program (3yrs)

  • Counselling/Accompaniment/ one on one sessions

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