About the facilitators

Meet our facilitators! Between them, Zofia Di Stefano and Maud Briscoe-Renaud have more than 50 years experience in life coaching, counselling and education. They  believe passionately in the capacity for growth of individuals. Both are based in Melbourne but offer online workshops and one-on-one counselling for those in other areas.

Zofia Di Stefano

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I just attended the Growing in Personal Solidity workshop. I must say that when I was invited to attend, I was a bit worried that it would be all mumbo jumbo because I was really struggling with what Personal Solidity might turn out to be. 


I was very pleased to discover that I understood the concepts as Zofia unpacked them for us. It was encouraging to resonate with the model described.


I really enjoyed the chance to spend some time on myself which was quality time in a peaceful setting and to learn something of ongoing benefit to myself. I found the other group members supportive and I found that Zofia was particularly affirming and attentive to our little gifts of self disclosure which we shared.


Karen Wright, Melbourne


Zofia Di Stefano has been an educator for over 40 years - firstly as a school teacher and then as a facilitator of personal growth of adults.


She has worked for the Ministry of Education, the Council of Adult education (CAE), Monash University, Swinburne University, Holmesglen TAFE and Box Hill Institute in Personal Development Training of adults.

Currently she runs her own practice, trains potential facilitators in Australia and mentors educators around the world.


Zofia is a licensed educator with Personality and Human Relationships International and

co-ordinates PRH Australia. She believes passionately in the capacity for growth of individuals and their potential to contribute constructively to society.


To read more about PRH International, click here. To read more about PRH in Australia, click here.

Maud Briscoe-Renaud

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After a decade working as a consultant at an international company in Europe and Asia, Maud followed her passion for personal development and started offering short workshops in 2012 and counselling sessions in 2016.


Maud has been on her personal growth journey with PRH for 15 years and is in the final phase of her certification as a fully licensed PRH educator.

She will be offering the "Who am I?" workshop in November 2021.


Maud has a passion for pedagogy and loves creating new workshops, always on the lookout for the best question to awaken in her clients the desire to grow.


"Time and time again, I see the beauty of human beings. As André Rochais said, "We are asleep on a goldmine". I feel it is my mission to help people discover and explore their own gold mine so as to be happier and give their full measure to the world."

To view Maud's website, click here.


Maud has given me the tools to reconnect with my creative and authentic self. Over the period of 18 months, these safe and private sessions with Maud have given me the room to find courage, personal strength and will power to not only carry on when the going gets tough but to shine through it all.

Not only has it built a better understanding and relationship with my true self, but strengthened my relationships with people who matter to me.


Thank you Maud, I will be eternally grateful for the work we have done to empower me to live life to the fullest and wish you continued success in helping more people on their journey to happiness.

San San Truong, Melbourne