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Maria reflects on “Learning to Receive Help"

To work on yourself with someone, you must feel safe: safe to open up and disclose the doubts, fears and all possible negative feelings you can feel but also the deepest hopes and most sacred spaces of yourself. Here, Melbourne-based participant Maria offers a reflection on her experience of the workshop “Learning to Receive Help”:

"I have grown a tremendous amount in these two days. I have been given tools and learnt a technique that can help before I go into a counselling session. The most important is creating a visual diagram of what I want to look at with my counsellor. I found that this was so beneficial.

To be able to observe a real life counselling session in progress in the workshop helps me to understand the process. To see both sides of the counsellor and the client is an amazing experience.

I have never used PRH as a counselling service but now I know how it works it gives me confidence to access it.

My action is to continue to learn, grow and heal with PRH programs. These tools I can use in my everyday life in helping me make choices. It makes me aware of my actions in my relationship. It makes me aware of who I am. It gives me structure in my decision making. It gives a voice to my thoughts and therefore makes me a better me. "

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