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Jo's experience of a Creative Expression workshop

Jo is a PRH participant based in Sydney, Australia. She wrote this reflection after participating in the creative expression workshop “Exploring My Present Relationships” for the first time.

"What strikes me is my (prior unknown) capacity to express myself creatively. I can recall my sensations as I look at my work and can still feel my sensations emanating from my interior landscape. It is such a delightful discovery and there is the desire to explore further. At times my heart has been touched and has broken for me. I feel a love and warmth for me as I have been able to express parts of me. I recognise the journey of me to this point not only these last days. It is more than these days; it is the collective journey to here.

I describe this journey as one of withdrawal, struggle, attempting to stand upright, reaching for the light, breaking free from chains. There is the self-discovery and the uncovering of nurturing, enlivening relationships and the moving into freedom with myself and my relationships. I attempt to remain true, faithful and solid in my relationships.

My means to continue will be around nurturing and growing me. I will continue my Times for Being. I have been able to practice further following my sensations in this workshop and I can do more on my own. Creative expression is something I can grow into more now I have had a starter. I have enjoyed and known the benefits my creativity has revealed to me. In my relationships I feel I have a newer sense of wanting to share deeper parts of me. I have begun this in some areas and now feel ready to offer more of myself when it is appropriate and when I feel safe. I know my changing and evolving can affect others close to me. I want to be in my change and growth and to live more fully.

My deep motivation is to continue to discover myself. I have steadily fallen in love with PRH. It is my confidant, my accompanier and I sense I am now in relationship with it. I am very drawn to being in the process and I want it to be with me and I with it."

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