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Mark's Reflection

In this thoughtful and comprehensive reflection, Mark describes what he found most interesting, enjoyable and beneficial to him when participating in three workshops.

"Hi everyone my name is Mark and I thought l would share what I’ve got from doing my PRH workshops. I have to say when I first decided to do these workshops, I wasn’t sure what I would get from them.

My first workshop was Listening to the Messages From My Body; I actually felt a sensation and worked with it and since then I learnt a lot about myself & what sensations mean. I particular enjoyed our time in nature.

Then a couple of months later I did my second workshop: Discovering the Core of My Identity. With that workshop I continued to grow and learn more about myself and I have to say writing down things about oneself, a lot can come from it. It’s like writing your thoughts on paper and really getting in touch with yourself and it’s all about the sensation and what they mean. I really enjoyed the part where you share what you have written…then others can listen and share the experience with you.

Then we come to the last workshop Growing in Personal Solidity. A few things came from this, for example what people in our life mean to us and also stages to autonomy and what they mean. I also learned about my relationship with my body and some impacts our life has on it whether it is positive or negative. With this I discovered that our body is pretty resilient and it goes through a lot in the course of our lives.

I guess overall what I have got from doing these workshops is that I now know about my sensations and what they mean, and most importantly how to explore them and the impact they have in our lives.

I would like to thank my partner Maria for introducing me to the PRH workshops and sharing my journey with me which has enriched our relationship. A special thanks to my facilitator Zofia for all your help in teaching me things I never thought possible.

Next year I hope to do more workshops and discover more about myself and I only hope that whoever reads this will be inspired to do these PRH workshops and discover themselves like I have. Doing these PRH workshops has inspired me to want to learn counselling and help others and maybe one day I too could teach people the PRH method, as I truly believe that you get so much from these. Thanks for reading this."

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