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Getting to Know Myself with Analysis - by Kathryn

The cornerstone of the PRH method of personal growth is self-analysis. Our method of analysis enables you to get in touch with your own sensations to reveal new knowledge and understanding. In this latest in our latest in our series of PPH participants’ reflections, Kathryn describes her experience of analysis and why it is such a valuable tool for her.

"My experience here is of sitting with myself in a deeply respectful way; of letting what is actually so surface rather than any interpretation of how life ‘should be’ or ‘ought to be.’

I love the intimacy of analysis. Sometimes it’s like getting to know someone else – developing a new relationship.

Often I need to calm myself – stop myself from rushing – take time to be with what I’m feeling.

The part I love the most is when something completely new pops up to give an entirely new perspective on what I have been working on.

I use analysis when there are events/times in my life when I am stuck and there is no way of intellectualising myself in or out of whatever is going on.

I’ve used analysis recently in a situation with a dear friend and even though there is more work to be done, every time I do an analysis I become clearer on the part I play in the situation. I am proud of the fact that I can use analysis to step away from blame. I love too that analysis leads me down different paths to explore.

Most satisfying is the place of partnership I experience and the new insights. Most difficult is giving time, often enough, to analysis."

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