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Creative Expression Can Bring About Change - by Debbie

We don’t always have the words to explain or deal with what we are going through in life. That is why PRH’s creative expression workshops can be so helpful and transformative: we can access a sensation through creativity rather than an analysis.

Creativity can be a great way to bring about change and growth. A lovely example of this is a friend Juni Desireé’s book “The Art of Mental Health: Drawing my way through depression and anxiety”. In this book Juni combined drawing and journaling to help her move through anxiety and depression.

The blurb of the book explains it well:

“When Juni Desireé struggled with depression and anxiety, drawing and journaling were two of her lifelines. As she poured out her thoughts and feelings on paper, she unwittingly created a visual record of her mental health journey. In The Art of Mental Health, she brings pictures and words together to share her authentic, lived experience of depression and anxiety. This colourful journey captures what it felt like for her, how she got through it, and what she learnt from it. These pages of raw expression and insightful reflection offer comfort, understanding and encouragement that no-one is alone in their struggles.”

This is the endorsement I wrote for the book:

“The biggest messages I get from Juni’s work are ‘You are not alone’ and ‘You are not a freak.’ Juni’s honesty and vulnerability make it very easy to relate to her struggles and triumphs, to her humanness. Thank you Juni for your courage and authenticity, your willingness to be seen in some of your darkest times. You show there is hope and the potential for growth through these types of experiences.”

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