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Courtney's reflection: what I have learnt about myself

What I learnt about myself …

I have made the following significant discoveries: My anxieties and negative thoughts about myself are not part of my true self. My true self is creative, positive, generous, curious, adventurous and loving. My sometimes-negative self-image is not an accurate account of who I truly am, but only a product or result of my past and conditioning. I am able and allowed to celebrate and be proud of who I am. The aspects of others who I respect and admire are reflections of aspects within myself.

I have noticed a change in my self-image. I am more gentle and accepting of myself. I see myself more clearly, I am proud of my positive aspects and I am able to focus on them more.

I have benefited greatly from this workshop. I experience a greater sense of clarity when considering a problem or a significant decision. PRH has given me a rhetoric to rely on, and to see things in a way that makes more sense to me. This helps me to make more informed decisions without becoming too overwhelmed.

How I feel when doing a PRH workshop:

After each PRH session I am filled with a wonderful sense of determination and possibility. This translates to all areas of my life. PRH has given me a renewed sense of belief in myself.

My Identity …

I am a woman artist. I value truth, love and justice. I embrace creativity and beauty within my environments. Peace, freedom and learning propel me to choose what is good and just. My values are enough.

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