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Zofia's Open Garden weekend

Sustainable Gardening Australia asked Zofia to have an Open Garden weekend in September. Here is what they had to say:

"The first in SGA’s series of Sustainable Open Gardens and Tours, Zofia’s garden in Mt. Waverley is an exemplar of productivity and aesthetics with low environmental impact and financial cost.

Zofia is very resourceful, scouring hard rubbish collections and demolition sites for materials she can use to create lovely design, lush growth and inviting spaces for relaxing.

Garden arches, old gates and wire mattress bases form supports for climbers; windows, planks and other materials salvaged from a house being demolished next door have made the chook house.

In fact, most of the infrastructure is made from discarded items. “I love the aesthetic of re-using found materials in different ways – saving them from being destroyed and giving them a new life (I also save a lot of money). For example, strawberry beds made from old council recycling bins,” she said."

Zofia even had a full-page write up in the Herald Sun!

Zofia is so passionate about her garden and it's wonderful to see all her work and dedication being recognised and enjoyed by others.

Congratulations Zofia!

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