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In Loving Memory of Sister Margaret Bubb

Sr Margaret Bubb was a woman who loved life. She filled her cup to the brim, and was never happier than when it overflowed to gladden the hearts of others. But on Saturday, July 18th, the doctors told her there was no further treatment they could offer her for the debilitating medical condition she

had battled all this year, and that indeed, her life was draining away. With characteristic realism and practicality, she made the decision to have all life support equipment removed, so she could enjoy conversation and quality time with her sisters Jeanette and Tricia. And by the end of the day, she had taken leave of this life, with unwavering faith in fullness of life to come.

Margaret enthusiastically embraced PRH – Personality and Human Relationships – a process for human growth and development emanating from the genius of the late Andre Rochais in France. She recognised in PRH a potential for all people –to access their being. She became a licensed PRH educator in 1986 and brought the gift of PRH to Central Western NSW. Not only did she become proficient as a facilitator of PRH workshops herself, but with typical thoroughness, she became a qualified trainer of other PRH facilitators, travelling to Canada and Thailand on numerous occasions to participate in the leadership of workshops and conferences. There are many people who acknowledge their debt of gratitude to her for her gentle, professional accompaniment of them on their journey towards integration and maturity.

Sister Margaret Bubb

22nd December 1930 – 18th July 2015

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