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"Preparing for the Fourth Trimester"

Maud Briscoe-Renaud is an Australian PRH Associate and has created a new course: "Preparing for the Fourth Trimester". Here she talks about her other "new baby":

“When my son was four days old, on his second night at home, he started to cry and would not stop. We tried to feed him, swaddle him, bounce him... nothing would work.

So far, we had been pretty confident and happy with what we were doing as my son was doing well. After 2 hours of crying, our confidence was starting to be severely shaken.

The truth is that as a loving parent you feel terrible because your child is obviously in some sort of discomfort or pain, and as an adult you feel terrible because you don't seem to be able to solve the problem! Confidence and calmness in new parents is fragile.

After 2 hours of crying, I suddenly felt like I needed to step back, and I used for the first time a wonderful method that I would use on and on the following months.

This method based on informed intuition and in-depth discernment process (a combination of numerous trainings I had had in the past, mostly with PRH and Hypnobirth) proved to help me find THE SOLUTIONS that would work for my baby and me and my partner.

This method is at the core of "Preparing for the 4th Trimester!"

With this experience, and looking at young parents around me, I got the intuition it would just be SO much easier if we -as expecting parents- had some kind of training that would prepare us with a complete new reality.

“Preparing for the 4th Trimester” gives you tools to create your own solutions, solutions that work for you and your baby, free from external pressure."

If you would like more information please visit Maud's website:

Maud (left) with baby Hugo and Debbie

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