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Exploring My Childhood Past

Exploring My Childhood Past 014.JPG

Earlier this month, the creative expression workshop "Exploring My Childhood Past" was offered in Toorak, Melbourne.

The objectives of the workshop were:

· To progress in the discovery of our childhood & adolescence;

· To know and understand ourselves in our personal history;

· To integrate this history in order to accelerate our growth and healing process.

One of the main features of this workshop is the use of creative expression as a means of exploration and analysis. Creative expression can often bypass our more judgemental, cerebral functionings to lead us to a deeper and more authentic experience of ourselves.

The workshop was a fantastic experience for the participants. Here are some of their comments and artworks:

"This workshop allows me to express where words fail. An exciting journey to unravel my past that has had a negative impact on my current state of life and allow true healing to begin. It also allows the heart of me to shine."

- Annie Ling

Exploring My Childhood Past 002.JPG

"I have spent years doing my personal work to release a painful past and yet I feel I have achieved much more in the past 5 ½ days than I imagined possible. It has been powerful and I leave lighter and freer."

- Denise Dunbar Winton

Exploring My Childhood Past 005.JPG

"The creative elements of this workshop allowed access to a whole part of myself that I was unable to reach. Dipping into that new place is providing a path into the unknown yet needing to be released part of myself."

- Judith Dunbar

Exploring My Childhood Past 012.JPG

"Of the four workshops I have done with Zofia this one reached deepest into both my painful and my happy past giving me access to feelings I had repressed and freeing me from influences that stopped me experiencing my happy self fully."

- Laurel Johnson

Exploring My Childhood Past 008.JPG

"I found this workshop much more positive and filled with life than I expected."

- Ann Borg

Exploring My Childhood Past 009.JPG

"Enriching growth experience that sets me free. Life giving! Come and discover for yourself."

- Sharon

Exploring My Childhood Past 011.JPG

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