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My sense of belonging and participation in PRH

Participant Kathie Thomasz wrote this as part of a reflection for the workshop “Finding My Place in Groups”. Thank you for sharing this with us Kathie!

"My sense of belonging leads me to participate and to live my solidarity with group members. This is manifested by my participation in workshops, and my prior involvement in the newsletter team. I also like to talk about PRH with others, to encourage their participation. Because I have benefitted so much, I can see how others can also benefit.

What of me lives more in a PRH group? Which needs are satisfied?

  • My need to explore myself in depth can be expressed.

  • My need to be in a safe environment to do this is met.

  • My need to belong is met – all participants are there because PRH draws people who, in one way or another, feel a call to move “inwards” towards greater personal authenticity. As this is a core value of mine, this is very attractive to me.

  • I feel able to be myself, warts and all. It is a place where I can unlearn all the self-editing lessons I have done over the years.

  • Issues are faced, not glossed over. There is a robust but gentle honesty at work.

  • Hearing the experiences of others helps me to feel less alienated.

  • Sharing my own experiences helps me to be braver."

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