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"Time for Being" on Saturdays

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“Time for Being” Saturdays are afternoon meditation sessions run throughout 2014 in Mt. Waverley and facilitated by Zofia Di Stefano, PRH Educator.

Each session starts with a relaxation. Then participants are guided through a meditation technique so as to get to a quiet inner space to spend time just being. After that they reflect on their experiences in writing.

Afterwards all are welcome to stay for a cuppa, a chat and a walk around the garden.

We have a few more sessions for 2014: Sep 6, Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6.

Cost: $15 per session

For enquiries or to book a place, please contact Zofia.

Here are some responses from participants:

"I found this experience of relaxation and deep meditation eases me, calms me, and centres me. I sense an opening up of my inner reality, springing forth into a wide, open road ahead of me. This is good for me, as I have often closed up within myself, tied up in inner knots.

The Time for Being I have found to be very beneficial for me. It has helped me today and in my daily life to bring my mind to the present. It is wonderful when I reach the expansive state where I feel relaxed and totally at peace with nowhere to go and nothing to have to do but be.

This guided relaxation helped me to become more centred. I felt more in touch with my body sensation and more able to stay in the present.

This experience is beneficial for me because it makes me take time to relax and focus and just be. The peacefulness this experience brings me is worth the practice, and the sense of calm makes me feel comfortable.

I feel very relaxed, calm and peaceful. It’s a wonderful feeling that everything is the way it should be.

I would like to thank-you for a wonderful relaxation and meditation experience on Saturday 2/8. I absolutely loved your explanation of the purpose of meditation, and how it related to the diagram of the person. I loved the methodical process of relaxation leading into meditation. Experientially, I am familiar with having a tense body, going off into imaginary functioning (the past and the future), and not being in the present moment. I have also experienced the bliss of focusing my mind in the present and the peace that follows. I experienced this on Saturday, and felt that being in the present moment really is a gift!!!"

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