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Winner of the PRH Australia Motto Competition!

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Citra from Indonesia has been voted by you, the readers, the winner of the PRH Australia motto competition with her motto "Unfolding Who You Truly Are".

So one of the new PRH books e.g. Writing it Really Helps or Standing Up, the Art of Existing is on its way to you in Jakarta!

Here is Citra’s story...........

My first “Who Am I?” was 15 years ago. Since then I have completed my medical training at the University of Indonesia, undertaken my Masters in Women’s Health at the University of Melbourne with a minor thesis collaborating with the Centres Against Sexual Assault on their educational programs, completed my PhD in psychiatry at the ANU on how people deal with disasters such as tsunami and bushfire, and am now halfway into my residency to become a Psychiatrist at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta. I have also gotten married and we now have two sons in secondary school.

Throughout my journey, I have personally found the PRH explanatory system and approach to be the most powerful and comprehensive. It has given me a sense of an inner compass. I remember doing “Leading my life”, wondering what medical specialty I should embark upon, and instead realising that wherever life takes me, my true life quest is “to be me”. PRH reminds me that each of us is unique – there is not one person in the world exactly like us – not one of us is less or more than another; that our mission for others is inbuilt; and that we can grow into more and more of who we are meant to be.

The most recent workshop “Understanding Myself in Depth” has been one of the most powerful PRH workshops I have undertaken, as I have done so much work on myself. It is a culmination of a phase. I am changed signficantly. It is a breakthrough like “My Relational Life Today” was for me 8 years ago. It is interesting that my healing, as with my wounding, happens in the context of relationships with others, and how that impacts upon my relationship with myself. I feel good, warm, and contented.

I have discovered a sense of purity, a melting away of mechanisms that had pressured me, and a sense of fit. I feel this change to be deep, profound and gentle. I feel an inner shift. I feel more at peace, more cohesive, integrated, fuller and richer. I have grown.

I am called to reflect, to use the tools and use them well, to practice. I am called to take time to take in, accept, and integrate my new self image and get used to it, such as by taking times for being, pausing to remind myself, and developing new and fuller being-based habits. Being every day - it's my job!

When I am in touch with my being, I am a better person - for my family, patients, friends, teachers, students, everyone I meet - as well as for myself, and for the Spirit that makes us all.

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