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My Experience of Discovering My Being

For our last newsletter, Canberra-based participant Fiona wrote a reflection on her experience of the PRH process for personal growth. In particular she looks at the experience of discovering her "being" - that deepest and most authentic part of ourselves.

Enjoy Fiona's wonderful piece below:

"I feel incredibly excited to have become conscious of the existence of my being and to have a framework for understanding how I operate internally.

Almost everything else that I have looked at in search for understanding and integration has made me feel pathologised or weird or somehow deficient, whereas I have found this process one which is incredibly accepting, optimistic and empowering. It also makes enormous common sense – like it feels intuitively right. Instead of seeing my childhood as indelible marks on my soul, I can see them as constraints that can now be released – it makes me feel incredibly hopeful and delighted.

I actually feel like all these light globes that have been flickering at the edge of my consciousness have become clear and steady, and the work of the workshop has helped me make sense of my journey of the last decade. I realise that my beginning was actually a long time ago, and that already, by somewhat convoluted and accidental path, I have started on the growth journey and that my being has begun to guide me, sometimes with the protestations of my “I”. However, I can also look really positively at my “I” and see its strengths and why and how it has guided me as it has. In many ways, this all feels like an enormous relief – and best of all, I now feel like I have a structure and tools to accelerate my progress of healing and growth.

I can see so many ways of using the GPA process (questions that guide participants in their exploration) not just in my personal life, but in policy making, reflective learning and so on. However, before I go outside again, I am keen to consolidate my own understanding and practice. I really want to work with my husband and family on some of the things to enrich our relationships and life together."

- Fiona Tito-Weatland

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