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Time For Being

PRH participant Maud Briscoe-Renaud recently wrote of her experience of going within and spending "time for being":

I have recently been practicing more Times for Being and I find this tool so life-giving! Yet, I had always struggled to take time for Times for Being…

Something happened recently though, while I was doing a GPA (Guidelines for Personal Awareness) on “actively using my being for my growth” that shifted my perception of Times for Being.

Here is what I wrote:

“I feel drawn to become more familiar with my being and to do so to spend more time with it.

I realise my “I” limits its perception of my being to a closed area, like a geographically defined area, where I feel called instead to recognise its boundless reality.

I am my being, it is not just a part of me, it is my identity. I feel called to spend time with myself, to imbue myself in it.

This sheds a new light on times for being for me. My motivation to have times for being suddenly takes a completely new volume and meaning in me. To take time with myself, so as to know myself better and become accustomed to my inner truth more so as to be closer to it and be able to draw from it with more ease.

What a revelation!”

Spending time to go within is deeply life-giving. Best of all, it can be done anywhere and any time!

But for those who would perfer gentle guidance, Time For Being Saturdays run throughout the year. During these afternoons participants are guided through a meditation technique so as to get to a quiet inner space to spend time just being. After that they may reflect on their experiences in writing.

For more information, please click here.

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