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Who Am I?

Connecting with the essential parts of me

(2 weekend in-person workshop)​

Knowing yourself is the basis for standing firm in your life.

Being able to clearly feel your inner power releases energy.


Find out what defines who you are today.
Learn to increase more balance in your life and in your relationships.
Strengthen your ability to stand up in yourself fully.

 Main topics explored: 

- The image I have of me; 

- My degree of autonomy with others; 

- My Being: the central core of my personality, where I discover my true identity; 

- My intelligence, freedom and will: three faculties I use to further my development; 

- My body, the source of my energies; 

- My Sensitivity: its expressions and reactions; 

- My deep awareness of how to make decisions that are best for me; 

- How to maintain my on-going growth. 

Click here for the full workshop content.

This is an introductory workshop and therefore is helpful for anyone, regardless of knowledge or experience of personal growth techniques. 

Two weekends: 21-22 October and 4-5 November 2023

Cost: $575 per person or $465 concession

Facilitator: Maud Briscoe-Renaud

Venue: Mt Waverley, Melbourne


A deposit of $100 is required to secure a place in this workshop; please use the PayPal button below:

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