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Couple Communication

A path of growth for couples

(6 x 2 hour sessions)​

Happy Couple

Objective of the program:

To learn a deep method of communication with each other.

To better understand how to experience this method, in order to accelerate your growth journey as a couple.

Key Messages:

1. A bond of couple entails the meeting of two inner realities. To meet, we must communicate.


2. Deep communication is possible.


3. It is a source of growth for each person and for the couple.


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This program is available at any time throughout the year; dates for each session can be negotiated with the facilitator.

This program is available in-person at Mt Waverley, or online via Zoom.


There are 2 payment options:

  • Pay each time we meet; OR

  • Pay by the 1st meeting $880 (a saving of $80)



To pay for your first session, click the Paypal button below:

For more information, please contact Zofia here.

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