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PRH Vocation

Do I Have a Vocation to the PRH Foundation?
(Five days)

The workshop aims at helping you:


- decipher the content of what you call “my PRH vocation”.

- confront your personal experience with what PRH is.

- make a methodical discernment, either to commit to PRH, or to commit elsewhere.


This workshop comprises three parts.


In Part One you are invited to analyze what you call your PRH vocation. You are asked to write the history of your vocation. Then, you are led to ask yourself: Is it a vocation or only a project? 


In Part Two, you will listen to the reality of the PRH Foundation expressing itself, and to which you are asking yourself if you have a vocation. It will tell you what it is in its essentials and you will listen to see whether any resonances are awakened in you. If there are resonances, it is a sign that you have at least some affinities of being with that reality. If all your being is awakened by everything that is said, it is undoubtedly because you are created to be part of it. 


Part Three of the workshop is a process of discernment: is it my path to commit myself in this direction?

Dates: Thursday Feb 15 - Monday Feb 19, 2018

Time: 9am – 5pm

Cost: $620/$510 concession 

Venue: Mt. Waverley, VIC

Register by: Friday Feb 2, 2018


A deposit of $100 is required to secure a place.

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