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Welcome to Personality & Human Relationships Australia!

Personality and Human Relationships (PRH) is an international school of education in personal development.

We are established in over 40 countries worldwide and offer growth programs designed for adults and young adults

who wish to increase self awareness and achieve a greater degree of self fulfilment.

Feel free to explore our website to find out more about our philosophy, our workshops and counselling services,

read testimonials from our clients and catch up on the latest news...

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The PRH process of personal growth involves self-directed and methodical written analysis that is gentle and sensitive to each individual’s needs. Our approach is based on Humanistic Psychology which emphasises the discovery of the positive in each person. It is effective for all people, regardless of race, culture, religion, educational or economic background.


What can PRH do for you?

Through workshops and counselling we can help you to:

* Live with greater self-confidence

* Find inner harmony

* Make better decisions

* Relate better with others

* Bring your personal contribution to the society in which you live

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"PRH is so insightful and empowering. My first experience just blew me away! Years ago I took the plunge and decided to see a psychologist and it was a very positive experience, but more recently PRH has opened new paths of understanding.


I feel more fully evolved with a greater sense of purpose and I can't thank Zofia enough for her wonderful methods to assist me in understanding myself more. PRH has really improved my relationships with all my family and friends, as well as my abilities at work. I feel so strengthened and enlightened by the whole process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


- Kelli Benjamin, Melbourne

"I feel incredibly excited to have become conscious of the existence of my being and to have a framework for understanding how I operate internally. 


Almost everything else that I have looked at in search for understanding and integration has made me feel pathologised or weird or somehow deficient, whereas I have found this process one which is incredibly accepting, optimistic and empowering. It also makes enormous common sense – it feels intuitively right."


- Fiona Tito-Wheatland, Canberra

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