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Maud reflects on the words of André Rochais

This quote by André Rochais - the founder of PRH - struck me when I first read it and it still inspires me deeply:

"We are asleep on a goldmine, on a wellspring of energy, on a volcano of creativity, on unbelievable reserves of genuine love.

Everything is there, in the hidden corners of Humanity, in the interior recesses of men and women throughout the planet. Everything is there to form a more human world."

At the heart of myself lays my passion for personal development and people’s growth. Sometimes I am challenged by my own disproportionate and repetitive reactions, or by others’ behaviour but it helps me to reconnect with this deep and transcendental belief in me that at we are all hosting a “goldmine” that we can rely on and live by. Wounds in our past are hampering our access to this goldmine (our being) but if we work on our growth we can liberate our goldmine and blossom in our life!

This is about the first part of the quote and it has taken me far until I recently experienced the second part of the quote and I found the support I have been looking for so long.

“Everything is there” because Life is not leaving us alone. When analysing a positive sensation of my being, I felt that nothing was a “hazard”. I felt that even tough challenges are a gift given to me by Life to grow. I felt the trust Life has in each and every one of us if we surrender to it.

Maud is based in Melbourne, Australia and is currently training to be a PRH Educator.

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