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PRH Motto Competition

Thank you to all who participated in our PRH Motto Competition; there were some wonderful contributions!

The PRH Associates have been stewing over the many entries but we still have not come to an outright winner.

So we have shortlisted the entries to 12 and we are asking you, the readers, to choose your favourite. Just email us here with your preference.

Here they are:

  1. Know yourself: grow yourself

  2. PRH: the gentle path to inner peace

  3. Your soul's oasis

  4. A journey of love, a journey of growth

  5. Transformation starts within

  6. Live a richer, freer more fulfilling life - inquire about PRH today

  7. For your harmony and happiness: PRH education

  8. Maximise your potential (with PRH)

  9. Live the life you’re born to (live)

  10. Let your light shine

  11. A journey into yourself

  12. Unfolding who you truly are

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