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Promote PRH Australia and win!!

The PRH Associates have been working on ways to promote PRH in Australia.

We are looking for an attractive motto: one that sums up the benefits of PRH.

We want you to get involved so we are holding a competition:

* What benefits have you gained from PRH? (that could be said in a brief phrase)

* What could we say to grab people’s attention and draw them to PRH?

If your motto is chosen it will be used in PRH Australia publications and promotions. We are looking at the possibility of more than one motto for different purposes and audiences.

Winning entries will receive their choice of either the PRH publication “Writing it Helps” or PRH's newest publication, "Standing Up: The Art of Existing".

The winning mottos will also be published in the next PRH Australia e-Newsletter.

Please get involved and share your enthusiasm for PRH: submit your ideas to Zofia here by 21st February 2014. Good luck!

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