We offer a diverse range of workshops and programs that cover all sorts of topics. Workshops can range from one-day events to 5-day intensives and everything in between.


You can find our program of workshops for the second half of 2019 below. Please click on the categories to find out more. Our calendar for this year can be viewed here.


This year's program is also available to view and download on PDF here. This program offers a selection from the wide range of workshops available in Australia. If you would like more information regarding other workshops, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Family
Girls in Nature
Working in a group


PRH workshops take place in a group. Through questions, you are asked to observe - through private reflection and writing - a particular area in your life and describe your experience of it. This personal time of guided written exploration is followed by optional sharing without any discussion. In order to deepen each individual's exploration the educator offers input and various resources (diagrams, commentaries, observation notes etc.). 


Working on your growth in a group environment can be profoundly nurturing and empowering. PRH workshops are conducted in a group setting as the benefits of working this way are many and varied.


PRH participant Lee recently reflected on her experience of working in a group during workshops:


"Working in a group ... I perceive other group members listen with respect, non-judgement and interest to my thoughts, problems and reactions. Likewise, I do the same for others.

This interchange and climate of trust allows very intimate sharing of feelings that rarely happens elsewhere. Through these sessions I’ve learned how similar we all are in our vulnerabilities and weaknesses and yearnings. The workshops give one confidence that one’s life has meaning and that problems can be overcome and progress can be made."

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